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— Unemployment Attorney Earl Lawson

Filing for Unemployment in Oklahoma?

From your very first call to the unemployment phone number, your unemployment benefits are on the line.

As an Oklahoma unemployment lawyer, I know how to fight for your unemployment claim. Before you risk losing your hard-earned unemployment insurance benefits, contact me for a free, no-risk consultation.

Oklahoma Unemployment Attorney

Claim Your Benefits

You Earned Your Unemployment Benefits

When you work for wages in Oklahoma, you earn the right to collect unemployment compensation if you lose your job. I am here to protect your benefits. Contact me to find out how.

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What If I Was Fired?

Getting fired from a job can be unsettling, but it does not always mean you cannot collect Oklahoma benefits while you are jobless. The burden of proof is on the party who ended an employment relationship to show why the employee should or should not receive benefits.

When you are fired from a job, the employer must show that you were fired for good cause. As an Oklahoma attorney, I have seen numerous cases where employers simply have no good reason to fire a person, but still try to block a legitimate claim to rightfully earned jobless compensation.

In fact, more often than not, employers in cases I have seen failed to show good cause to fire a person. Before you call the Oklahoma unemployment office to begin your UI claim after you were fired, contact me for a free consultation.

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What If I Quit My Job?

If you quit a job for good cause, you may still be entitled to jobless compensation while you look for employment. However, your benefits are particularly in peril, often much more so than if you were fired or laid off. If you say the wrong thing to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission when you make your UI claim after quitting a job, you could lose your benefits.

If you are thinking of quitting to avoid getting fired, call me before you leave your job. If you voluntarily left your job and want to protect your jobless benefits, contact me.

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